No Recoil

Very useful to easily kill enemies, especially at long range.

No Weapon Spread

Your shots will shoot in a straight line without spreading and going all over the place.

Bird’s eye view

When crouched or prone, you can see & shoot as if you were standing.

Hide elements

Hide extra game elements so you can spot enemies better. This hides them from a few meters away so you can see trees and grass closest to you if you plan on proning or using a tree as cover.

  • Hide Grass
  • Hide Wheat
  • Hide Rocks
  • Hide Trees

On iOS 11, you need to disable rotation lock and open the app while in landscape mode for the screen not to bug out.

How to install

  1. Uninstall original PUBG
  2. Press the ‘Download PUBG hax’ button below (must be done in Safari).
  3. When it’s done installing, it won’t let you open the app and it’ll tell you that the app is untrusted.
  4. Open Settings and go to General › Profiles and Management.
  5. There’ll be a link that says some weird publisher name (changes all the time). Touch it, then touch the button that says ‘Trust’ or ‘Verify’ or something.

Download PUBG hax