• Add multi-layer video (video-in-video effect)
  • Add slow/fast motion effect to video
  • Add text (Expression icon can be added too)
  • Record voice
  • Add music
  • Add GIF
  • Various scene switching effects
  • Various shapes for video/photo
  • Painting directly on the movie
  • Chroma Key for overlay video/photo
  • Color Splash
  • Warp video/photo freely
  • Motion Point for creating amazing movement of video/photo/text
  • Import video/photo/music/gif from computer directly for editing through Wi-Fi direct
  • Create and share movie to Instagram, Youtube, Vine, iCloud, Facebook, etc.

How to install

  1. Press the ‘Download Movie Spirit’ button below (must be done in Safari).
  2. When it’s done installing, it won’t let you open the app and it’ll tell you that the app is untrusted.
  3. Open Settings then go to General › Profiles and Management.
  4. Touch the link with the Movie Spirit app in it, then touch the button that says ‘Trust’ or ‘Verify’.

Download Movie Spirit