So I haven’t been able to test this since I don’t have an iOS device. If you do, go ahead and try it and let me know what’s up in the comments.


  • Seek unlocked (no force shuffle)
  • No ads
  • Unlimited skips (forward and back)
  • Peek enabled
  • Extreme quality enabled
  • Import songs from Music app

Download Spotify++

How to install

  1. Uninstall original Spotify.
  2. Touch the download button above (must be done in Safari).
  3. When it’s done installing, it won’t let you open the app and it’ll tell you that the app is untrusted.
  4. Open Settings and go to General › Profiles and Management.
  5. There’ll be a link that says ‘Acme’ or something like that. Touch it, then touch the button that says ‘Trust’ or ‘Verify’ or something.